How to get your STLs (for Kickstarter backers)

Hi guys,

it´s finaly time to get your STL files! Here is a short tutorial on how to get your files :)

Step 1: In the email, click on "Activate your account"


Step 2: Set your password


Step 3: Click on “Activate Account”


Step 4: This is how your Account Page looks like:


Step 5: On the top of the page, click on “STL Files” and then on “Württemberg 1806 - 1812”


Step 6: Click on “Bundles”


Step 7: Click on the set you want. Most people had the Kickstarter #2 Full Set. If you pledged for more than one set (for example KS 2 and KS1 files), you have to "buy" them seperately, not together.


Step 8: Click on “Add to Cart” 


Step 9: On the top right of the page, click on the Cart. Now you can see everything you added to the cart.

Then click on “Check out” 


Step 10: Enter your data. The system I use for the website demands that you fill out some personal data, but you can put anything in there you´d like. That is only important when you want to purchase something new you have not pledged for yet. 


Step 11: Enter the Code that belongs to your pledge. It's very simple, the codes are:


  • Code for Digital Only Full Set:    Kickstarter 2 Digital Files Full

  • Code for Digital Only Artillery + Infantry:    Kickstarter 2 Digital Files Artillery 

  • Codes for Digital Only Cavalry: Kickstarter 2 Digital Files Cavalry


Codes for the people who also added the files from the first Kickstarter: 


  • Kickstarter 1 Digital Files Standard

Please note: When you have pledged for more than one item, you will have to "buy" them seperately one after another. It´s sadly not possible to enter multiple codes at once.

The Code is linked to your account, depending on what you have pledged for. 

Enter your Code and click on “Apply”.

Step 11: Your Order is now 100% free. Check the number under “total”


Step 12: Choose the “Digital Download” Shipping Rate


Step 13: Click on “Continue to payment”


Step 14: Check that everything is correct and your total is still 0,00 Euro. 

Then click on “Complete Order”


Step 15: Done! Wait a second and now you can download your files.


You can repeat the download as often as you like from the link in your email. Of course you can order for free again with the code. 


Step 16: Enjoy your files! It´s quite big, but there is a lot in there… Thank you once again for your support!